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Four Types of Wrist Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

By amn_admin |

Did you suffer a wrist injury in a car crash? You are certainly not alone. Wrist injuries are consistently one of the most frequently reported auto accident injuries. All wrist injuries require immediate medical attention. Without proper care, these injuries not only tend to linger, they may not even properly heal at all. Here, our Los Angeles auto accident lawyer highlights four of the most common wrist injuries that happen in motor vehicle collisions in Southern California. Wrist Sprains Wrist sprains are relatively common injuries in car accidents. Broadly speaking, a wrist sprain is a type of injury that occurs when the ligaments that support the wrist are stretched beyond the limit. In some cases, the ligament may even be partially or fully torn. The abrupt impact and extreme force of a car accident can cause the bending of the wrist in unnatural ways. Symptoms of a wrist sprain often include pain, swelling, bruising, and a limited range of motion. Prompt medical attention is crucial to prevent long-term complications. With a severe sprain, a period of immobilization and, potentially, physical therapy… Read More »

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