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Los Angeles DUI Accident Lawyer

Men Drinking beer with alcohol while driving

At Personal Injury Legal Group, our Los Angeles DUI accident attorneys are compassionate and experienced advocates for victims and families. We provide personalized legal representation—every client is treated as an individual, not just another case file. If you or your loved one was hurt in a crash with an intoxicated driver, we are here to help. Contact us at our Los Angeles law office today to set up your free, no-obligation consultation with a top Los Angeles auto accident attorney.

Drunk Driving is Extremely Dangerous

Drunk driving and drugged driving remain a serious public safety problem. According to data from, approximately 950 people are killed in DUI accidents in California each year. Many thousands more people suffer serious injuries in intoxicated driving crashes. For reference, more than one-quarter of all catastrophic car crashes are DUI crashes.

An Intoxicated Driver Can Be Held Liable for a Crash

A DUI is a criminal violation. An intoxicated driver who causes a crash in California will likely be arrested and charged with a serious crime. After a serious crash, drunk or drugged drivers could face a felony criminal offense. While the criminal charge is part of the greater justice system, it will not get compensation for the injured victims—at least not directly. You need to file a civil personal injury claim (DUI accident claim) against the at-fault party. Intoxicated driving is, by definition, negligent driving. A drunk driver—and their insurer—can be held accountable for a crash. There is a two-year statute of limitations for DUI accident victims to bring a civil claim.

What Makes DUI Accident Claims Different

DUI accident claims can be especially complex. For several different reasons, these cases can be more challenging—or at least different—than other types of civil accident claims. Here are three key factors that could make your DUI accident injury claim different:

  • A Corresponding Criminal Case: There is likely to be a separate—but related—criminal case against the at-fault driver. While the criminal case is distinct from a civil proceeding, it could still have major implications for your case.
  • Complex Liability Issues: Establishing liability in a DUI accident can be more challenging than it may seem. Victims must prove the driver was intoxicated and that this intoxication, or other negligence, contributed to their accident.
  • Aggressive Insurance Companies: Insurance companies can be very hard to work with in DUI accident claims. With so much at stake, insurers are often highly aggressive. They try to resolve claims for less or even deny their liability outright.

Recovering Compensation for a DUI Crash in California

Hurt in a crash with a drunk driver or drugged driving in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California? It is imperative that you are able to secure the full and fair financial compensation that you need to pay bills and support your family. Sadly, defendants and insurers fight hard to pay out as little as possible—even in these serious cases. Our Los Angeles DUI accident lawyers fight tirelessly to help injured victims secure the maximum financial compensation, including for:

  • Property damage, such as vehicle repairs;
  • Emergency medical treatment;
  • Hospital bills and medical expenses;
  • Loss of wages and loss of earnings;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Disability or disfigurement; and
  • Wrongful death.

Note: In California, punitive damages may also be recoverable in some DUI accident claims. Punitive damages are effectively a form of penalty damages that are designed to punish grossly negligent conduct—such as intoxicated driving.

Why Rely on the Los Angeles DUI Accident Lawyers at the Personal Injury Legal Group

Hurt in a crash with an intoxicated driver? It is normal to have a lot of questions. Drunk driving accident claims and drugged driving accident claims are both complex. At Personal Injury Legal Group, we are a law firm that puts the needs and interests of victims and families first. Among other things, our Los Angeles DUI accident attorney is ready to:

  • Listen to your story and answer questions about your legal claim;
  • Investigate the DUI crash—gathering evidence;
  • Handle all correspondence and settlement negotiations with insurers; and
  • Take aggressive action to help you secure the maximum compensation.

Contact Our Los Angeles DUI Accident Attorney Today

 At Personal Injury Legal Group, our Los Angeles drunk driving accident lawyers provide top-tier, justice-driven advocacy to victims and families. Hurt in a DUI crash? We are more than ready to help. Contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorney today to set up your free, no-obligation initial consultation. From our Los Angeles law office, we handle DUI accident claims throughout Southern California.


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