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Beverly Hills Personal Injury Attorney

Beverly Hills may be known for its glitz and glamor, but serious accidents still happen here. When they do, people suffer injuries that can remain with them for the rest of their life. Most accidents in the city are a result of someone else’s negligence, or carelessness, and they happen in a number of different ways. Below, our Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer outlines some of the most common types of accidents that result in a claim.

Car and Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are perhaps the most common type of personal injury claim filed in Beverly Hills. Distracted driving, impaired motorists, and speeding are just a few of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents. Under the tort laws of California, injured motorists can file a personal injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. These claims always have the potential to become complex, but some cases are even more complicated than others.

Truck accidents are vastly different from other motor vehicle accidents. Multiple parties may be liable for a truck accident, and while state law does apply, federal law also governs these cases. For example, if a fatigued truck driver caused an accident because they were on the road for too long, that is a violation of the hours of service rule. The injuries sustained during a truck accident are also some of the most severe due to the immense weight and size of trucks. It is always important to work with a Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer who can handle every aspect of these claims.

Bus Accidents

Like truck accidents, a crash involving a bus will also result in catastrophic injuries due to the size of these vehicles. The aftermath can also be much more complex, as well. Bus accident victims can include pedestrians, cyclists, other motorists, and bus passengers. These injured individuals can file a claim against any private or public entity that owned the bus and was responsible for its operations. When the bus is owned by a government entity, such as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a case can become even more complicated. These cases typically have shorter deadlines and requirements not placed on other types of personal injury claims.

Motorcycle Accidents

With its gorgeous weather all year long, Beverly Hills is a great place to get around on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, other drivers do not watch for motorcycles in the same manner that they watch for other vehicles. When a crash happens, it is always the biker who will sustain the worst injuries. With little more than a helmet to protect them, motorcyclists are very exposed and vulnerable to catastrophic injuries during a crash. Additionally, many insurance companies and juries have a bias against motorcyclists and view them as reckless individuals, even though this is not true. An attorney can help you overcome those biases and any other challenge you claim presents.

Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability accidents involve injuries that are sustained on another person’s property. Of all these types of accidents, slip and falls are by far the most common. Many people think slip and falls are relatively minor accidents, but that is not usually the case. A slip and fall can result in traumatic head injuries, multiple broken bones, and more. Property owners are responsible for making sure their premises are kept in a safe condition to prevent these serious injuries. They can be held liable for paying compensation when they fail to meet this legal obligation. There are many laws specific to premises liability accidents, and it is important to speak to a lawyer who can advise on what those are.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents are similar in that cyclists and those on foot have little protection when they use the roads. Drivers often violate their rights and sometimes become aggressive toward pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrians have many rights, particularly when they are using a crosswalk. Bicycles are also considered vehicles under state law, and drivers must follow certain laws, such as providing those on a bike with enough space to travel safely. When drivers violate these rights, vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists will sustain the worst injuries, including wrongful death.

Construction Accidents

Of all the jobs in Beverly Hills, those on construction sites are some of the most dangerous. Construction workers face many hazards as they work with heavy machinery and often in unfinished structures that are not always stable. The aftermath of construction is also often far more complex than in other injury claims. While workers’ compensation is sometimes the only way for workers to obtain the benefits they need, a personal injury claim sometimes has to be filed. For example, if a construction worker is hurt by a defective piece of machinery, they could file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer. An attorney can advise on the facts of a case and determine which legal option is appropriate.

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