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What Happens if Your Car is Damaged While Being Towed?

Tow truck companies must exercise care when transporting vehicles. If these vehicles become damaged while being towed, their owners may encounter serious repair costs. In many situations, tow trucks crash while transporting vehicles – causing thousands of dollars in damages. What can you do if you learn that your vehicle has been damaged while being towed? Who is responsible for these damages?

Men with a Damaged Car

Common Damages Caused by Improper Towing

According to numerous experts, bumper damage is the most common form of damage that vehicles suffer during the towing process. If a tow truck driver fails to secure the vehicle properly, a range of factors can cause bumper damage. For example, the tow truck driver may slam on the brakes, causing the vehicle to slide forward and impact the trailer. This can lead to serious bumper damage.

Bumper damage can also stem from improper hook placement. If the hook is placed in a particularly fragile location, it can cause the bumper to bend out of shape due to serious stresses on the thin metal body. If the tow truck operator makes a particularly serious error,  they might accidentally tear the bumper completely off the car frame.

Tire damage is also common. Due to the stresses of a typical tow truck bed, the tire might become punctured or slashed by sharp pieces of metal. It might become damaged by the tow truck’s chain. Windshield damage is also common for the same basic reasons. Cracked or broken windows are commonplace, and they are almost always caused by negligence.

Of course, the tow truck might also get into an accident while transporting your vehicle. This can be an ironic outcome, as the truck may be transporting your vehicle from the scene of an accident – only to get into a second accident halfway down the highway. As ridiculous as this might sound, it is relatively common  – and it can cause vehicles to become completely “totaled.”

How Do I Pursue Compensation for a Vehicle Damaged During Towing?

If your vehicle was damaged during the towing process, you have a few potential sources of compensation. The first source is the tow truck company itself. Most reputable companies will accept fault and agree to cover the cost of your damages. They might have insurance coverage of their own that covers the cost of these damages, so it will not represent a major loss for them.

Some companies, however, will refuse to pay. They might claim that the damage was pre-existing, and this argument can be difficult to disprove if your vehicle was towed from the scene of an accident. In this situation, it becomes very important to carefully document the damage with as many photographs as possible. Ask the tow trucking company for a written account of what happened during the towing process. This account should describe the state of the vehicle when they first found it, what happened during the transport phase, and the condition of the vehicle upon delivery.

From there, you have a few options remaining. First of all, you could file a claim with your own insurance provider. Many insurance policies will cover damage incurred during the towing process. However, you may need to pay deductibles, and the claim may affect your premiums going forward.

The final option is to hold the tow trucking company accountable by taking legal action. You can work alongside a qualified, experienced attorney to pursue your damages and establish that the tow trucking company’s negligence led directly to the damages. In civil courts, the burden of proof is the “preponderance of evidence.” In other words, you will only need to show that there is more than a 50% chance that the damage was caused by the tow trucking company.

If your vehicle was towed after you suffered injuries in a car accident, the person who caused the crash might also be liable for all out-of-pocket expenses you incurred as a result of your accident. This might include the cost to repair your vehicle.

Contact the Personal Injury Legal Group to Pursue Compensation for Damages

If your vehicle has been damaged during the towing process, you do not need to cover repair costs out of your own pocket. Instead, you can hold the towing company liable and pursue compensation that covers your repair costs. If you’d like to learn more about the legal process of holding a towing company liable, feel free to reach out to the Personal Injury Legal Group. We’ll make sure that the person responsible for damaging your vehicle fully compensates you.

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